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33rd CUPGRA Potato Conference

13-14 December 2022
Robinson College, Cambridge

IPM - integrating sustainable innovations for potato management

Open to all, CUPGRA’s annual potato conference, provides an opportunity to interact with the foremost industry innovators and scientists to debate current issues.

This year, under the conference title ‘IPM - integrating sustainable innovations for potato management’ speakers will outlining current and future industry challenges and opportunities, exploring new approaches to pest management, the potential of cover crops and reduced tillage, and the role of biotechnology in potato breeding.

The annual Eric Allen Memorial Lecture is ‘Understanding how potatoes grow determines how to grow potatoes - a new focus on resource use efficiency’ and is open to delegates and non-delegates.

Delegates are also invited to the Potato Barons’ Christmas Feast in St John’s College Great Hall on the evening of 13 December, with guest speaker Max MacGillivray from Beanstalk Global.

With continued support from our sponsors, CUPGRA is pleased to maintain last years’ prices

2 day ticket: CUPGRA members £120, non-members £250

1 day ticket: CUPGRA members £65, non-members £150

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