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Independent and technically reliable

The Cambridge University Potato Growers Research Association, known as CUPGRA, promotes the interchange of scientific research and field practice for innovative, sound commercial production of potatoes.


A charitable association, its members include potato growers, agronomists, packers, processors and other stakeholders in the supply-chain who value independent, high-quality research.



  • Improved potato crop performance

  • Access to industry-respected scientists with proven knowledge exchange capablility

  • Influence the areas of research that will benefit your business

  • The opportunity to share ideas and work with other stakeholders in the potato industry

  • Annual report of research projects

  • Annual research review with researchers leading discussions

  • Members' Days to visit NIAB research trials and external research sites

  • Member benefits, including the annual CUPGRA Cambridge Potato Conference

CUPGRA Subscription Membership Bandings

Area grown / Area advised (ha)
Tonnage (kt)
Annual subscription (£)
Independent Agronomist
By negotiation
Processor Packer &
& supply chains Breeders
& Seed suppliers
By negotiation
Input and service providers
By negotiation
By negotiation

CUPGRA also support a Student Network designed to bring together and support research students working on potatoes.  This is free to join. Benefits include:​

  • Networking opportunities with other potato-focused research students.

  • Access to the CUPGRA Student Forum for sharing experimental protocols and useful scientific papers.

  • Free open day attendance and discounted CUPGRA Conference fees.

  • Insight into the potato industry and the challenges it faces, giving you industry context for your research.

  • The chance to meet growers, agronomist and other industry members, present your work to them and potentially develop future collaborations.


A new membership area has been created for our members, including exclusive access to research reports, advice, trials information, newsletters and conference and members' day videos and presentations.

Members Area

John Chinn
Cobrey Farms, Herefordshire

Unique, impartial, without being dependent upon commercial interests, and an enormously valuable source of data and advice which allows scientists to pursue projects without interference, neither financial nor intellectual. Thinking outside the box is what CUPGRA is very good at. Desiccating haulm to achieve good skin finish and, in particular, to combat black dot, takes far longer with varieties that produce large quantities of it.

James Wrinch
RJ & HW Wrinch, East Suffolk

We hugely value the research CUPGRA does on behalf of its members. A huge database of rigorously undertaken, statistically proven trials, and a fabulous resource in the reference crop. Without this, growing and understanding our crops would be much harder.

Tom Stevenson

GA Stevenson Ltd, Essex

The effort and time put into the research has been massive. A farmer attempting anything like that on a field scale is never going to be able to match it. Independent research is the lifeblood of successful farming, and that is what we get from the association, as well as good sensible data, which is not blighted by commercial interests. We particularly value the help we get in interpreting results. Work rates have improved and destoning and cultivation is quicker and easier with the consequent saving on costs and field operations.
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